Aesthetic physician

“I see the field of Aesthetic Medicine as a new medical specialty. I take my patients just as seriously as any other specialist does. Aesthetic Medicine is a fast growing and exciting field and I want to be part of its development.”

Jani van


Jani van Loghem, MD, PhD, aesthetic physician KNMG, specializes minimally invasive aesthetic treatments such as injectables, liposuction, lasers and chemical peels. Jani has been responsible for the content and execution of a 2-year curriculum of the new official medical profile specialism Aesthetic Medicine, which is held at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. He is the former vice chairman of the Dutch Society of Aesthetic Medicine and current Head of Department of aesthetic medicine of the European Colledge of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ECAMS).

In 2020, Jani defended his PhD dissertation titled Improving Patient Safety during Facial Filler Treatments in Aesthetic Medicine. With this, Jani became the first in the world to get his PhD title describing practically applicable filler safety aspects in the day to day work of the Aesthetic Physician.

His clinic offers patients a wide variety of procedures and is an established destination for patients seeking quality in the Netherlands and beyond.

Jani receives doctors from around the world for advanced injectable training programs at his clinic. He also offers lectures at international congresses, like AMWC, IMCAS, MEXS, ADAC, ISDS, AMEC and many more. Jani has been traveling the world to visit colleagues to share his knowledge, tips and tricks as a Global Key Opinion Leader. 

Jani is the author of multiple publications in peer reviewed medical journals and actively publishes in the field of aesthetic medicine. He is the author of Calcium Hydroxylapatite - Expert Filler Techniques, published by CRC Press and currently is working on other medical text books in the field of aesthetic medicine.  

Curriculum Vitae

Medical Biologist,
University of Amsterdam

1994 - 1999

Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences with

the title Master of Science (MSc).

Medical Doctor,
University of Utrecht

1999 - 2005

Master of Science (MSc).

Chairman of the Complication Registration 

2011 - 2017

The participating physicians have established the NVCG to ensure and continuously improve the quality of cosmetic treatments and properly and fully inform anyone who is considering a cosmetic treatment. To achieve these goals, the NVCG has a number of initiatives. The complication registration is there to carefully collect and look at possible complications in order to discuss them with all the members of the association.

Chairman of the Educational Committee of the NVCG 

2011 - 2016

The Dutch Society of Cosmetic Medicine has several committees. At the moment, one of the most important committees is the Educational Committee. As it's

chairman, I have the important task of assuring that

the highest standards are met in this 2-year curriculum

which is supported by the medical community: NVCG,


and the NVVCC. With this medical community

we started the NSEG from which the special

2-year program will run.

Founder and Medical Director,
Doctors INC.

2009 - 2017

Minimally invasive treatments to bring out your natural beauty by Botulinum toxin, fillers, lasers, chemical peels, liposuction, and small surgery.

Founder and Medical Director
Falck Clinic

2018 - present

Minimally invasive treatments to bring out your natural beauty by Botulinum toxin, fillers, lasers, chemical peels, liposuction, and small surgery.

Founding Member, Merz Global Faculty / Aesthetics Medical Advisory Board


As a founding Merz Global Faculty Member, Jani has laid the foundations of the international training program of the Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics and is actively involved in the development of many Merz training programs.

Member and Speaker, Expert2Expert 


Member and speaker at Expert2expert group.

Head of Department, European College of Aesthetic Medicine

and Surgery


Head of the department of Aesthetic Medicine: European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ECAM).