management of vascular filler complications and retrobulbar cadaver injections  course

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price: € 2450 per person
about the event

This course is intended for all physicians who are working with fillers. This is a 1-day practical training on management of vascular filler complications, including fresh frozen cadaveric injection, acute therapy skills practice and theoretical backgrounds. 

The theory covers the latest cutting-edge insights on best practices on how to manage arterial embolisms of peripheral circulation as well as retinal circulation. Special attention is allocated to ultrasound-guided hyaluronidase injections. Several algorithms will be shared for quick and easy reference.

It is a comprehensive hands-on training with small break out groups to practice several acute situations after filler embolization with both hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite. Each delegate will be leading at least one case of acute ischemia. Our faculty will be scoring the technical skills.


We will cover management of

  • Peripheral ischemia after HA including Ultrasound guided hyaluronidase injections

  • Peripheral ischemia after CaHA 

  • Retinal ischemia after HA including retrobulbar hyaluronidase injections

  • Retinal ischemia after CaHA


Job Thuis, MD, aesthetic physician

Peerooz Saeed, MD, PhD, oculoplastic and orbit surgeon 

Philippe Snozzi, MD, aesthetic physician

Jonathan Kadouch, MD, PhD, dermatologist

Jani van Loghem, MD, PhD, aesthetic physician


Orbit Center

Department of Ophthalmology 

Amsterdam University Medical Center, location AMC

Meigergdreef 9, 1105 AZ Amsterdam


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