Jani van Loghem creates new training videos throughout the year. With an active monthly subscription you are the first to watch this exclusive content. Their are over 20 videos available to learn firsthand from one of the world’s leading cosmetic doctors.


Gain unlimited acces to one video of Jani van Loghem with a single payment of € 49,-


Gain access to the full library for a month with a monthly payment of € 199,-

The training courses made by Jani van Loghem are perfect to expand and further develop the knowledge of trained aesthetic physicians. The instructional courses rely on the viewer already having some knowledge of the human body and cosmetic surgery. Therefore the videos are ideal for medical professionals like plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors and aesthetic physicians.


Jani van Loghem leads the Falck Clinic in Amsterdam as Medical Director. If you have any questions you can contact him at the clinic or fill in the contact form.

Falckstraat 51, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+312 08 454 525

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